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The Christmas stalker story

This is not exactly a horror story, but a terrifying Christmas experience that happened to me about 4 years ago. At that time I was 8 months pregnant, had a huge belly and was doing some Christmas shopping at the mall. It would be around 9 o'clock at night.
After finishing my shopping I left to go to my truck. In this shopping center there is a road that surrounds the premises, so the parking lot is on the other side of the road. So you have to cross the road to get to the parking area. When I left the store, I noticed a man standing in the middle of the road. He looked at me and made eye contact with me. I looked away and kept walking.
At that moment, two men who went to the mall passed him. He neither looked at them nor said anything to them, just kept his eyes on me. I noticed that it started to walk in my direction, but I kept walking towards my vehicle. Then I heard him talking to me:
-Sorry. Can you help me?
Although my instinct told me to stay away from him, like any Southern person, he had the tradition of being educated with everyone.
-What do you need? -asked.
He looked around and said:
-Could you help me start my car? I think my battery was discharged.
Now, I may be educated, but I was not stupid. Please, if a guy was really having problems with his car, would he probably ask a pregnant woman and help alone in the parking lot, instead of two men who had just passed him? I really doubt it.
"I'm sorry, I can not help you," I said, walking faster.
I took out my keys and prepared to leave as soon as I got to the truck. He was still after me.
- Are you really not going to help me? I just need a hand.
-Do not. Excuse.
I got into the van and saw the stranger running towards me. I closed the doors and tried to start, but I was shaking. He gets to the vehicle and hit my window, screaming.
-I just need your help for a minute!
-DO NOT! Get away! I yelled, upset and terrified.
He took the handle from the door and tried to open it.
-Only open the door for me !!
This is where I lost my cool and decided to take my .38 Special revolver out of the glove compartment. I have a carrier license and I know how to use it for protection. I lowered the window, grabbed the gun and aimed straight at his face.
-I'm not going to repeat it. Get away from me! -I yelled.
He stood there for a moment, in shock, I'm sure. Then he turned around and ran until he disappeared. I have no idea what his intentions were, the only thing I know is that that Christmas I had to protect my son and if some stranger comes back to me like that, he will still have my .38 ready to shoot.